Local Counsel (Pro Hac Vice)

I enjoy working with out of state attorneys as local counsel in Colorado litigation.  Once the relationship is established and scope of work agreed upon, my office will prepare the forms and facilitate the Colorado application process for a flat fee.

Pro Hac Vice admission in Colorado is governed by Rule 205.3 in combination with the procedural requirements of application found in Chapter 18 of the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure.  The application process generally consists of the following two concurrent procedures 1) application with the trial court and 2) submission of the application to the Clerk of the Colorado Supreme Court.  The Colorado Supreme Court will independently verify statements made by the out of state attorney in the application which included the following:

1) All jurisdictions in which the attorney has been licensed;

2) Listing of other cases, if any, in which the attorney has been admitted pro hac vice in Colorado; and,

3) Listing of all public discipline, disability or inactive status, pending disciplinary or disability proceedings, or where pro hac vice has been denied or revoked.

Here is a recent order that was granted in a case admitting my out of state co-counsel pro hac vice in Colorado where I acted as local counsel in Denver district court:Pro Hac Vic Denver Colorado Order



  1. Local Counsel’s Job is to Not Screw Up!