Referrals and Co-Counseling

You have choices.  

When a complex commercial dispute comes through your door, consider the advantages of working with my firm. Many attorneys have some litigation experience, or specialize in handling business and real estate matters. But what makes our firm different is the combination of sophistication and depth of experience in transaction matters, and the ability to successfully take a case through a civil jury trial.


Almost every case that I have taken to trial has come to me or my firm by way of a referral, either from another attorney, a professional adviser to a client, or a from a former client themselves. Typically referrals from other attorneys come from transnational attorneys without the systems, desire, or experience in litigation and trial work. The other main area of referrals I see are from lawyers, even experienced trial lawyers, practicing in other areas–such as wills and estates, family law, or criminal defense–that need to refer a business or real estate dispute out.

I regularly make myself available to confidentially discuss cases, build relationships with attorneys and answer you or your client’s questions. Even if you don’t know me or have a mutual connection, please do not hesitate to reach out and introduce yourself.  The highest professional and ethical standards of an attorney are maintained by asking questions, and I do the same.  I honor your trust.


I am also comfortable co-counseling in cases with other attorneys. This typically happens under a scenario where co-counsel is an out of state attorney admitted pro hac vice, or where a less experienced attorney or transnational attorney wishes to stay in involved in a case but does not want to handle the primary litigation or trial role.  My strategy under such arrangements is to allow referring attorney to be involved as much or as little as they desire.

If you wish to discuss making a referral or a co-counseling arrangement, please feel free to contact me.