Courts in the Community

By | September 13, 2015

The Colorado Supreme Court and Court of Appeals present a valuable program providing public look inside the appellate advocacy process.   As described by the Court’s website,

In the program, Courts in the Community, each court travels at least once a year to a different high school to hear oral arguments in two actual cases at each location. In fall 2015, the Colorado Supreme Court will visit East High School in Denver, and divisions of the Colorado Court of Appeals will hear arguments at the Denver School of Science and Technology and at Rangeview High School in Aurora.

The briefs (including amicus breifs) are available for students online, and these actual cases are argued. The two cases set for argument on September 29th  at Denver’s East High School are a case involving an avalanche in-bounds at Winter Park and a criminal case addressing sufficiency of evidence.

Denver East High School credit: DPS

Denver East High School credit: DPS

When I was in law school at CU, panels of the Tenth Circuit and the Colorado Court of Appeals sat for arguments and students were invited to attend.  It was certainly one of the most memorable and valuable days of law school, as I imagine this will be for these high school students as well.  It is an important outreach effort, and one that I think deepens the public’s information base and knowledge of the judiciary and the adversary process, in both civil and criminal context and the importance litigation to addressing important questions of law. The Court is applauded for this program, and I’m happy to read about its longevity and the Court’s commitment to its sustained future.

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